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Tragedi Oktober - Not The Song

Finally, I have time to blog about my October. AT LEAST. Fiew~. It was a very long and short month for me. Despite of too much paper works on my table, there are few emails to read and need to reply and a lot of things to catch up. For those who just about to know me, I'm a freelance photographer, not means that I'm free to photograph you, but I'm not a full time photographer. I have my day job, 5 days a week and it is not related to any of photography line. My job are something to with logistics, yes, you hear me right, I'm an IT graduated and working in a logistics firm and doing photography as my part time job.
Oktoberfest and halloween are related, because both of them fall under the same month. However, I don't feel like enjoying the feast or any horror stuff except Al-Hijab movie was totally awesome. Good job for a Malaysian movie. Salute! Time is gold, see what I have done this month.
1st October 2011 Waking up at Maureen's house at Petagas, helping the…

The Bridesmaid : Locally Made from Sabah

Who ever expect I shot a bridesmaid shots at these place? A few of my friends asked where the hell is this place. This place is the area where the para gliders take off. Maybe not so many people know that Sabah have para gliding area like this. And yes, I'm the first one and the lucky bridesmaid shots their happy photos here. Enjoy the laughter and congrats to Sue Thien on her recent wedding too! ;)
p/s: There are few words I would love to say but I just let the photo explained. ;)

Portraiture: Patrick

Mostly our local photographer capture a female model and to be frank, I prefer male model for my journal. I have seen too many women and it's time for us to show our talented male model. Seriously, I just talking craps. Believe in Green.

Rest In Peace - Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011)

Everybody were talking about the launching of iPhone 4s in the tweet line yesterday and another shocking story in the front line news today as Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple has passed away. Condolences and prayer for him, Jobs leaves behind his wife, 4 childrens, 2 sisters, 49,000 Apple employees and millions of his followers and not forgetting those who are working with his invention. He has been produced something that improves technology not only communication, but music, photography, in short, he made human life easier! Condolences to the families, and to Jobs, all your guidance, all your creation will remain in our heart forever. Sadly be missed. God bless.

Taken from Apple front page

Even Google place his name on the front page today.
One of my favourite quote from him that reflect my vision of life:

Again, you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. Yo…

Ku nyanyikan rinduku padamu...

I was stumble upon Richado Tawith's YouTube's channel and found his single called "Lagu Rindu" feat Ridah, one of our best local talented soul singer. When I heard this song, it straight remind me of my late dad, this month is the month we lost him and I wish to meet him again in the after life. Daddy, kami sayang daddy, biar betapa rendah hati daddy jaga kami dulu, susah senang sama sama tanggung, tapi sya tidak pernah lupa, tangan daddy tidak pernah sampai di badan kami bila kami buat salah, dan mungkin itulah sebab bila daddy marah, biarpun tidak tinggi suara, air mata terus mengalir sebab terus terasa di dalam hati. Biarpun masa yang ada cuma singkat, sya bersyukur sebab jadi anak daddy, sya minta maaf sebab byk benda dalam dunia ni sya tidak dapat ikut sampai tahap menjatuhkan nama baik keluarga, tapi daddy lebih tahu dengan setiap keputusan yang sya ambil dan daddy lebih tau semua. Mamy, Abang, Oyo, semua sihat, Nenek, Anty, Angkol pun sihat juga. Harap daddy …

Bernard & Catherine Wedding

Another hectic day, there are few lesson to be learn while doing all the madness of busy task. Look for another assistant. Teamwork is important! After the 3rd September, there was no rest for me, 4th September, I had to drive again back to Tenghilan for my cousin wedding meeting, discuss and assign every part of the wedding requirement, I'm giving my best and try to make the wedding almost perfect. I keep forgetting things and thank God there are few parts been saved by the bell. Bernard & Catherine is now called husband and wife. Congratulation on their wedding 10th September 2011, it was the best wedding ever where all my family gathering and dance together at the dance floor. No one know who I felt that day and I felt I'm blessed. Thank you God. Daddy and Bapa Tua, we missed you.

Climbing Down & Harold & Junko Wedding

Normally, after Mount Kinabalu climb, they will go home, clean up and get rest. Well, this time I made a record for myself, after a suffering climbing down from the mountain, all my nails were injured, I still manage to drive back to KK, send my brother up to Telipok Ria (around 5pm), send his friend to University Apartment and then send the video trailer to Katama reception which held at KDCA, Penampang on 3rd September 2011. After hand over the memory card to Sebastian, I drive back again to Sepangar @ my home (around 6pm), clean up and then drive head to STAR (reach there around 7.30pm already, sorry I'm late), for Harold and Junko's wedding. Thank God I'm still alive. Most of them were shocked but yes, I did attend Harold & Junko's Wedding. Congratulations to both of u! 

 The reception

Our Table that night
Toasting time

I'm with Mr Dani ;) 

The Murut Tradition
The Injured Nails - This is after 3 weeks result

3 Things To Prepare Before Climbing The Mount of Kinabalu

Who thought I can climb up to the peak of Mount Kinabalu again after 7 years! My first climb was in 2004, I was with my friend that time and still young and reckless. My first experience was different than my second climb. Why? In 2004, we are using Timpohon trail which only 6km to Laban Rata, and this time was the Mesilau trail which have additional of 2km more than Timpohon trail. Again, my weight was 15kg more than my first climb. I remind myself, I won't force myself up to the top if I can't. But what actually made me up to the top? The story that I will bring today. If I didn't make myself up to the top, the story will be different and u will never know what't it like to be on top again. Since I have experience the toughnest of climbing and crawling up to the peak, I will share some tips for those who are planning to climb the Mount Kinabalu.
Things you must prepare before the climb date: 1) Do not climb Mt. Kinabalu without physical preparation - Get Fit at leas…

A Day With PixeLayer & Friends Vol. 2

Everybody is asking, when will the outing will be held again? Sorry to make you all waiting and sorry for this short announcement too! This will be the second official Pixelayer outing with friends to promote friendship and to help each other. Please share this excited day out with Pixelayer and Friends.

We would like to invite all of you no matter DSLR user or compact user, videographers or painters, and good news to modelling enthusiast who want to improve their poses. Feel the excitement and register with us by tomorrow for us to arrange with the meals & beverages. Since there is a limitation on the participation, we need your co-operation to bank in your RM30 to us before or on the dateline to book yourself in this event. Kindly refer below details for your reference. 
When: 24 September 2011 (Saturday)
Where: Kota Belud, Sabah, East Malaysia.
Time: 0800 - 1830 hrs.
Fees: RM30 only

Agenda: Open photography, from macro to portrait, street to urban, vivid to black and white.

Katama Ronald Tojimoh & Isabella Morris Abah Wedding

Have you ever imagine of a Papar & Kadazan costume in white? Well, I have seen one and uniquely presented on Katama & Isabella Wedding. Very suitable for wedding gown. All I can say is unique and God bless! They are now pronounced as husband and wife. I have known Katama since Sumandak dot com decade. You might not able to find this site anymore and the founder has closed down for maintenance few years ago. Katama and I has been virtually friends since then. One day, as I open my FB, I received a message from him asking how we go about pre-wedding and other packages on our business. While I explain, he told me that it is him who are wishing to take us as their photographer. We ( did their pre wedding and then their wedding. Thank you for the trust and here are some shots of their wedding mass at St. Mary Limbahau. Again, Congratulation Katama & Isabella ;)

Go Away

Seriously, I don't like spammers (those I highlighted in Red), I have to remove the shout box, just drop a comment in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

As Raya Go On

Another Raya visit made, I went to Papar to visit Shasha's house and then to Faizal's house, where my understanding was these two are cousins. I get up in the morning and sleep back a few times until I get tired of sleeping (though I was not tired to lay on the bed at all) then get my chores done. At 3pm, after clean up and dressed up, I drive myself heading to Papar, the road was no jammed except the road near Giant, Papar. People still busy buying groceries for their open house I guess. Without drop anywhere, I straight went to Shasha's house and enjoy the food. Bloody hungry and missing her so much. I can't remember when was the last time we meet, 2008? Maybe, I can't recall. Later that, we went to Faizal's house, Alus was there too. She was way slim down, but still gorgeous and even younger look. Again, thank you for the invitation and more blessing upon you all. ;)

Top: Photo of Shasha and I, bottom right: Faizal's Niece hugging Alus, Bottom left: Faiz…

Raya Means Friend

Good day everyone, how was your first day of your Raya Eid ul-Fitr day? In Malaysia, we simply call it, Hari Raya Puasa or Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Do you know what is Raya means in the first place, originate from Israel word, it means Friend. While Eid means celebration or festivity, Fitr means breaking of the fast or month of Ramadhan. In my words, Hari Raya Aidilfitri generates a meaning of a day for celebration after one month fasting with friend. Friend is everything, but always remember your root before your friend. That is God + Family = Friend. I hope you all enjoy your Raya as I do. Thank you for all the invitations and I hope I manage to go all the invitations for tomorrow. For those I'm unable to visit, please accept my apology. Thank you and take care. *Hei,I'm improving right? Blogging as much as I can*

Have you ever saw this tagline? Yes, it is from Dunkin Donuts store in KKIA, Terminal 1, near Gate A10, I was there waiting for my flight to Labuan last Sunday, it…

Sleepless Night

The time shows 3.15am in the morning, and I am here alone in this room. There is something bother my mind recently, it's very complicated and I somehow could not take it no more. Major issue is my relationship, respect from my family, and God. It is very personal to me to say it out here, but whoever who know the story; I really hope it ends well and peacefully. Some say, I am in the age of settle down and should step into the world of commitment. First of all, I am very sorry for all the memories that I have ruined and I wish I have a better vision of what my future going to be. I don't want to end crying every hour and depressed with all that fall onto me. I am sick of emotional abuse.
In life, we have different of stories, several of experience and similar understanding of how to survive. However, every people have diverse of dreams and vision. I believe that everything happen for a reason. Like my stories from the past, I never thought that my beloved dad will leave me li…

All Together Now

Before I get busy, I should take the opportunity to wish you all a happy raya, be safe to those who balik kampung, the rest who celebrating the Raya, don't eat to much up to the point your stomach blow out, remember those who are can't celebrate it, like the hunger, give them prayer so they may celebrate Raya like us in the future or bring some luck to those who need it. Thank you for always supporting Girllyen dot com and I hope I manage to update this blog more often. God Bless and always think safety. ;)