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Sabah 101: Tempurung Seaside Lodge

Have you ever heard about Tempurung Seaside Lodge located at Kuala Penyu, Sabah? Probably there are few local Sabahan didn't even know about this resort. Well, I would like to take a little time to share my experience here. I was been given a task to shot the owner's daughter akad nikah held in Beaufort. Hence, I had the chance of staying 2 nites for free in this resort and experience the cozy and peaceful environment. I hope my photos can give you a little of excitement and who knows you might be the next guest who will be staying here? You can contact me on how to get there and the rate of staying here. (Actually my blogging skill is getting worst, I hope you don't mind)

Tempurung Seaside Lodge from the the Boat House the restaurant

View from the beach..

The room that I stayed

The sea wave :)

Another serious photographer :D - Arleen

The sunset that day..

Congratulations to Natashia & Roland :)

P/s: Thanks to Arleen for the ride and I'm looking forward for another trip t…

Review my wish list for this year

It's almost end of February and I can see that I have not achieved a bit of my resolution for this year. Let's see the post and double check here..
1) Time management - I need to improve my company business performance this year. - I had a few projects going on, it's a very time consuming but I did received some complaints too. 2) Saving and travel more places. - Saving? No. Not yet. Travel? Only a few places or I can say area only. 3) Sleep and exercise well - For the few weeks, I had lack of sleep and end up with nil exercise it's never too late - I manage to get some sleeps, but I spend a lot of time on the computer editing photos and monitoring all the graphics and videos stuff. 4) Charity - I just bought 2 lucky draw ticket for the fund raising for hall building under St. John Church Tuaran - No improvement, seeking more. Maybe organised a charity project in April. 5) Buy a BlackBerry Bold 9870 for myself. - Target in March 2011, crossed finger. 6) Visit Miri, Th…

I'm in Love

Again I fall in love with my photography works. I had tonnes of projects up to the point I could not cope with all the booking. Thank you for your support and million apologize to some of you who have not received their wedding album. There are huge problem on the production of your album due to Chinese New Year celebration. We hope to get it clear before the February end. ;)