Friday, June 29, 2018

Hidupkan Cinta

Cinta itu bukan mencari pasangan yang sempurna.
Cinta itu tidak mudah.
Cinta itu kena ada usaha dan bersikap dewasa.
Fikir bahagia bersama.
Sama sama mau bahagia.
Kaya dalam iman dan jiwa.
Bercintalah seadanya dia.


Jangan lupa untuk selalh berdoa bersama juga.
Hidupkan cinta. ❤️


Love is not about looking for a perfect partner.
Love is not easy.
Love is to have struggle and maturity.
Think about happiness together.
Together to be happy.
Rich in faith and soul.
Love for who they are.

Do not forget to always pray together.
Live Love.

❤️ In business world, we need LOVE to boost our energy to be more productive too. God bless to all the long distance relationship who sacrifice and sweat out to feed the family. Let the one that left at home be stronger and keep supporting each other no matter how far they are.

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